Texas Commemorative
NRA Series

Texas Commemorative Edition

In the badlands and wild frontiers of the Republic of Texas, rangers and ranchers helped establish what was to become 150 years of freedom for a great state. The Texas Commerative preserves the heroism and romance that are the history of the Lone Star State.
With custom serial # engraved on action. For more info on customized serial numbers, click here.
Please allow ten weeks for delivery.

NRA Series Limited Edition

Series of 500 only.
Available in stainless steel.
Length - 4.82 inches
Barrel length - 3 inches
Height - 3.35 inches
Width across frame - .9 inches
Width across grips -1.2 inches
Weight -15oz
Single action -2 shot capacity
Call for pricing information (254) 799-9111.


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