The Lady Derringer

 Each gun is made from highly polished maintenance free stainless steel and is fitted with synthetic ivory grips. The barrel length is 3 inches, overall length is 4.8 inches and the weight is 15.5 oz. Each pistol is packed in a French Fitted Leatherette Display Case. The pistol is stocked in .38 Special and .32 Magnum (will also shoot .32 S&W Long.) These calibers were selected because they are easy to shoot and still have reasonable stopping power. The gun is also available in .22LR, .22 Rimfire Magnum, .357 Magnum and .45 Colt. The grips feature scrimshaw work to make this pistol the perfect gift for that special someone, or for yourself. The Lady Derringer is a single action pistol with automatic barrel selection and a manually operated hammer block safety that disengages when the hammer is cocked. The pistol holds two rounds. Special calibers are available on request.


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personalizing your Lady Derringer


The Lady Derringer is now available with custom made cameo grips. We have arranged with an artist to take a customer provided photograph and engrave it, cameo-style, into the ivory grips of your American Derringer! We will also, on request, personalize your American Derringer with your unique serial number. We also provide custom barrel engraving to enhance the beauty and value of your future heirloom. The Lady Derringer is the best way to provide solid personal protection combined with an attractive, personalized accessory.

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