On September 11, 2001 this nation was brutally attacked by the forces of evil. They seek to destroy our freedom and our way of life. American Derringer is proud to be a part of the American heritage of firearms and self defense. During these troubled times, we will be sharing a portion of our profit from this special commemorative model with our fellow Americans in New York and Washington to aid in their recovery. United we stand in the face of this evil and united we stand behind our president.

United We Stand Commemorative

American Derringer is proud to offer this commemorative derringer as our way of contributing to the recovery efforts in our great cities and also to make this excellent personal protection firearm more available at a time when we all are looking towards the serious need to protect home and family. The United We stand will be offered in our popular .45/410 caliber. Each derringer will come in a custom red, white and blue presentation case with custom grips. Among the grips available are those recognizing our president and his home state of Texas. These special commemoratives have a suggested retail price of $450 and are in limited availability.

Like all American Derringer firearms, these guns are made here in the US from the finest materials by the finest craftsmen in the business. Each American Derringer is manufactured by hand and fitted to the closest tolerances. These firearms offer the safety of single action only and the benefit of a small size and weight. There is no better choice for versatile personal protection, since there is no sacrifice in power for size. The 45/410 is as powerful as any other .45 pistol without the intricacies of a semi-auto and without the size, weight and carry complications.

Long the preferred personal protection firearm for women and men, the derringer is as effective today as it was 100 years ago, and just as popular. And, these days, security and safety have a whole new meaning.

Please contact us via e-mail at amderringer@aol.com or call 254-799-9111 to place your order today. A portion of the profits will go to aid in the recovery efforts.

E-mail Elizabeth with your questions and comments at amderringer@aol.com

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