There is a full line of holsters available for your American Derringer. These can be ordered directly from American Derringer. To place an order, click the order button, and the ordering options will come up in a new window. All of our holsters and other accessories are available at the Derringer Store at 316 S. Lacy Drive, just down the street from our factory in Waco, TX.

Pocket Holster for Model 1/Model 4 & DA's

This pocket holster by Gould & Goodrich allows you to carry your American Derringer in a pocket without "printing" the shape of the gun and announcing its presence. Made from high-quality leather, this holster can be used on the Model 1, Model 4 and the DA series of derringers. Available in left and right hand versions.

Pocket Holster
Order # HLM138PBR
$ Price on Request

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Shoulder Rig for Model 1 and Model 4

For ease of carry and comfort, this shoulder holster is an outstanding accessory. Made to be completely adjustable for maximum comfort and concealability, this holster features multiple adjustment points and a solid retaining strap. Available in left and right hand models

M1 Shoulder
$ Price on Request

M4 Shoulder
$ Price on Request

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Model 1/Model 4 Ankle Holster

This ankle holster is made by Gould & Goodrich for both the Model 1 and Model 4 American Derringers. The ankle strap is adjustable for comfort and snugness to assure an easy fit and all-day carry for that backup derringer. The holster has a rigid thumb break and is available in both left and right handed versions. An excellent choice for hot climates, where a jacket or coat is not practical.

M1 Ankle
$ Price on Request

M4 Ankle
$ Price on Request

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