We offer custom grips to fit every American Derringer. These can be ordered directly from American Derringer. To place an order, click the order button, and the ordering options will come up in a new window. All of our grips and other accessories are available at the Derringer Store at 316 S. Lacy Drive, just down the street from our factory in Waco, TX.

Scrimshaw on Synthetic Ivory

These grips are designed with the finer things in mind. Each set is hand decorated to create a unique and attractive look for your American Derringer.

These grips truly allow you to accessorize your derringer, as well as be stylish and protected.

$ Price on Request

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Genuine Pearl Grips

Part of the tradition of the derringer has "Pearl Handles" on it. Well, now your American Derringer can, too. These natural pearl grips are designed to fit most American Derringer models, and are engineered for a comfortable, firm grip.

Each set has all the hardware necessary for installation, and no gunsmithing is required.

$ Price on Request

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