Texas Commemorative

In the badlands and wild frontiers of the Republic of Texas, rangers and ranchers helped to establish what was to become 150 years of freedom for a great state. This M-1 Texas Commemorative preserves the heroism and romance that make up the history of the Lone Star State.


Semmerling LM-4 & Derringer Standard

The West might have been quite different if the Semmerling and Derringer Standard had been around. These guns will be a revolution in pocket-size protection.


Pictured from left to right
Top row

.410 000 Buckshot
Shoulder holster

Middle row
Ankle holster
Cross draw holster for M-6
Bianchi 18F Holster for M-1
Belt Holster for M-4
Belt holster for M-1

Bottom row
Pocket holster for M-1
Oversize grips
Standard grips
(Grips available for M-1, M-4, M-6 in various colors)
Inside the pant holster for M-1

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